Any services people get should be delivered fast and well, no matter what it is: pizza delivery, healthcare, or even online tutoring. Well, when you decide to pay someone to write my paper, you have to rely on yourself and your own research skills because finding a reliable helper is a kind of challenge. And it's great that you'll finally manage to do it. You must find real professionals who know how to tackle any type of assignment and complete any paper the way it will be graded high. Any reliable service has mentors that control writers' work. The same thing is with the healthcare industry. Service quality research centers are a must for this sphere, even though it seems that all processes in healthcare are established and checked. Medical workers work hard, especially in the current situation with pandemics, and it's okay that something may go wrong — no one is protected from making mistakes. The cooperation between different industries and sharing experience on services delivery helps medical institutions become better and better every day.

King's PSSQ addressed how services are both organised and delivered.

We studied safety and quality practices in the health care sector and drew upon knowledge and best practice from other industries.