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With a commitment to develop research capacity, the Centre is keen to ensure there is appropriate support for its research staff, registered students, and those seconded to work in the Centre from the Trust. The Centre has developed a training strategy, with database of local suitable resources available via King's College London (KCL) and King's College Hospital (KCH), to match its research activities. The centre is also working with local partners Guys & St. Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT), KCH & KCL Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre to develop dedicated training programmes. There will be training opportunities to support the development of general research skills as well as specific techniques.



A key objective for King's Patient Safety and Service  Quality (KPSSQ) is to develop research capacity through secondments of KCH staff into the Centre. These joint NHS and academic research teams take advantage of the first hand knowledge of NHS staff combined with specialised academic knowledge to help improve the sharing of knowledge and implement this knowledge on safety and quality quickly, to the benefit of patients. We will advertise vacancies here when these arise.



Centre Studentships

The Centre has recruited three PhD studentships in the field of organisational research on patient safety and quality of care, within each of the four programmes to complement existing work. Studentships will support full time study to be completed by March 2012. 


Other Studentships

The Centre has already been successful in gaining two prestigious ESRC CASE Studentships to enable the post-holders to undertake full time study of a PhD.



Visiting International Fellowships


We have established a Visiting International Fellowship scheme to foster the development of research in patient safety and service quality. Between one and three Fellowships are awarded by competition each year.
The VIF awards are open to those who would value the opportunity to advance patient safety and service quality research. A financial award (to a maximum of £3,000 per Fellowship, awarded on a case by case basis) will be made as a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses incurred in holding the Fellowship. Award-holders should be prepared to visit the Centre on one or more occasions during the academic year for a total duration of at least one month. VIFs will become honorary Research Fellows of King’s College London and be entitled to use the University Library and other facilities. The holder of a Fellowship is usually a permanent resident outside the United Kingdom.
Further information can be found here.