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Dr Anneliese Dodds

Specialist role: Programme Director

Programme: Risk
Group: Management, Scientific Advisory Board, Communications Group
Organisation: King's College London
Department: Management

Role: Lecturer in Public Policy, School of Social Science and Public Policy


Dr Anneliese Dodds
Dr Anneliese Dodds


The focus of Dr Dodds' work is on risk and regulation in the public sector. Her work has encompassed the regulation of quality and finance in higher education in Britain and France, changing conceptions of risk in social policy, and understandings of risk and how it can be regulated in the British core executive.


Currently, she is a lecturer in Public Policy, School of Social Science and Public Policy (based in the Department of Management) at King's College London. Prior to this post Dr Dodds was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as a postdoctoral fellow.


Dr Dodds has also worked on liberalisation in the public sector (especially in higher education), evaluation and the use of financial incentives in higher education, and the politics of devolution.


Visit the King's College London website for a more detailed profile on Anneliese Dodds.



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Conference papers:

Families "at risk" and the Nurse-Family Partnership: the intrusion of risk into social exclusion policy, Risk and Rationalities Conference, Cambridge University, March 2007.


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