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      King's Health Partners



        Managing serious complications in maternity and acute medicine

        Birth place decisions

        Birthplace in England programme

        Rescuing the deteriorating patient

        Assessing patient safety and the patient experience of novel treatments        

        Innovations working papers

        Innovations posters, publications and information leaflets

      Organisational Governance

        Strengthening governance arrangements for infection control        

        The healthy NHS Board

        Member, Governors, patient safety and service quality

        Accountability for Health Care Associated Infections

        Use of mortality data to improve patient safety

        Organisational Governance working papers


        Using incident data to improve patient safety

        Risk management in health care

        Prospective hazard analysis in health care

        Risk working papers


        Reducing levels of harassment and bullying

        A review of workforce procedures

        Organisational socialisation and service quality in the NHS

        Evaluation of reasons for non-attendance to mandatory training 

        Impact of the employment of temporary staff on risk management

        Workforce working papers and reports


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      Innovations publications in peer reviewed journals

      Organisational Governance publications in peer reviewed journals

      Risk publications in peer reviewed journals

      Project summaries


      PSSQ seminar series

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